About Us

Retro Rolling Video Games is the best Video Game Truck around the Chino Valley, Chino, Chino Hills, Eastvale, Pomona, Montclair or Ontario.
don't be fooled my imitators. we have the most tvs and most 5 star reviews of any Video Game Truck.
we take pride in providing the best service and the best and most up to date equipment.

Hello! I'm Jimmy your Game Coach and this is my family


Retro Rolling Video Games hit the road in January 2016. Our goal was to build a video game truck the entire family could enjoy. 

So many other game trucks just lacked something.  Sure they had video games “... KIDS LOVE VIDEO GAMES” but what about the adults?  I would see parents just lingering around other game trucks waiting for their kids to come out dreading the time waiting while the kids had the time of their lives playing video games with their friends.

That’s why when we built our Retro Game Truck we wanted to incorporate classic video game play. The kind you and I grew up with; the ones in the arcade or at the corner store or IF you were even lucky enough to have a classic game system to spend hours playing on at home.

Our game truck has original classic video game consoles.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, most likely we have the game you played when you were young. 

Most video game trucks only have TVs inside; we have 5 inside plus 2 outside so the parents can have their own video game party while the kids play inside. 

The coolest part of having a video game party with Retro Rolling Video Games for your kids is watching Grandma or Grandpa play Pac-man, Zelda, Galaga, Paperboy or your husband's eyes light up playing Tecmo Bowl or Mike Tyson's Punch Out.

Don’t be fooled by the name Retro! Our game truck has all the coolest and newest multiplayer games and consoles you can find.


Chino CA

We live in Chino. We work in Chino.  We love Chino. Chino is our home so if you see us on the road honk, wave or say hi!