Legendary Pak 9 TVs

Legendary Pak $400



What is the Legendary Pak?

Legendary Pak allows

 more people to play Fortnite.

 4 players per tv can still play Multiplayer games on the big screens

 and 4 players can play fortnite each on the single player tvs


11 guests can play Fortnite

inside the game truck without the wait time!

  • More TVs 
  • More game consoles 
  • More Fortnite 
  • Amplify your Fortnite experience
  • Headsets

Enhanced Fortnite play with a Battle Pass on every account! 

Play challenges to tier up and gain:

  1. Battle Pass Skins
  2. Emotes (Dances)
  3. Gliders
  4. Back Bling 
  5. Graffiti Sprays
  6. Banners
  7. Music

Legendary Pak $400

5- XBOX One

4- Playstation 4

2 Nintendo Switch


Epic Pak 5 TVs

Epic Pak $350


5 Tvs

What is The Epic Pak

2 Hour Game Truck Party 

Game Pro Assisted

5 Big screen TVs (up to 20 players depending on game played per TV)

Multiplayer party set up 2-4 players per TV

Fortnite included 

Use of full game library 

2 on-board air conditioning units 

Stadium seating 

Xbox one, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch 

LED multi-color mood lighting

Laser light show 

***   Playing Fortnite or other one player games limits players to 1 player per TV   *** 

Epic Pak $350


3- XBOX One

2- Playstation 4

2 Nintendo Switch





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2 Outside TVs

Add the outside TVs to any Party Pak for just $50!


Our outside screens are great for Just Dance or to flashback to 1984 on the Original Nintendo NES

$350 Nerf Battlefield

ADD Rival Nerf Wars to any Party Pak

2 Nerf Pros

30 Rival guns 

30 Safety glasses

300 Foam bullets

10 Battlefield Bunkers 

Need more bullets?

600 Nerf bullets included in every Nerf party

During a Nerf Wars party bullets get lost, just pay ahead for extra bullets!

Don't worry about the bullets that went over the fence, under the house, 

in the gopher hole or sunk in the black murky fish pond. At the end of the party, 

just return the bullets that you find.  We won't count them or charge you 

extra because you already paid for them!

$10 /per 100 Rival Foam Bullets 


$10 for 100 Rival Foam Bullets

$20 for 200 Rival Foam Bullets

$30 for 300 Rival Foam Bullets

$40 for 400 Rival Foam Bullets

$50 for 500 Rival Foam Bullets

Bunkers or inflatables not included 

How many gamers can play Fortnite?

Depends on the party pak you choose


With five big screen TVs, 

four 24" monitors and 

2 Nintendo Switch handheld devices

Fortnite is a one player online game

1 player per TV limits the amount of gamers able to play in the game truck


Epic Pak 5 players 

Legendary Pak 11 players

The Epic Pak Fortnite on five TVs adding online play so 5 players can play Fortnite

The Legendary Pak allows 11 players to play Fortnite at the same time 

We suggest you limit the amount of guests invited depending on the 

Party Pak you choose, if you're having a Fortnite only party 

This allows for a more private and incredible Fortnite experience

Epic Pak - 10 guests max

2 guests per TV 

take turns playing Fortnite

Legendary Pak - 11 guests max 

1 guest per TV 

no waiting 

everyone playing Fortnite 

We'll make your next birthday party epic!

Are you sick and tired of having the same birthday parties year after year?


We'll make your next birthday party epic! Whether for a kid or a kid at heart, your birthday boy or girl will be thrilled beyond belief when our video game truck rolls up to your house!

Are you looking for a birthday party idea that will make you the hero?

Up to 20 kids can play simultaneously inside our game truck. Our mobile game truck is climate controlled. So we’re ready to party year round! 

Worried about video game ratings...don’t be!

We understand the importance of providing appropriate games for your guests. When you book your party, YOU select the game rating. 

You don’t need to worry or compromise; 

it’s our policy!


Retro Rolling Video Games brings the Inland Empire’s premier video game truck party on wheels right to your front door! Our state of the art mobile video game truck features 9 TVs inside and 2 TVs outside. Surround sound & multiplayer gaming excitement!  20 kids can play at the same time. The game theater is climate controlled to be played in any kind of weather. 




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Girls Birthday Parties

Milestone Birthday Parties

Team Building Events

Corporate Events

Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah

School Functions

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Church Events

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Father’s Day Gifts

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Anytime you want a group of people to have fun!